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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Day After, what's next?

Well, today is move out day, and it's kinda sad to say the least... you watch all your friends leave, and you wander if or when you'll ever see them again. It's hard and it hurts, bad. Y'all keep me in your prayers, I'm gonna need 'em. I head home sometime this week but I don't know when. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday. Who knows. As soon as I get home, I need to start setting up my work schedule for the summer. I work at the Branson Meadows Cinema. It's alot of fun to work there. I have a simple job, I tear tickets and clean theaters... ah, the lowly usher. But, it's okay. The perks make up for it. I get to go see any movie I want in Branson for free anytime I want, I can take a friend, and at my theater, I (and the friend) get free drink and popcorn with unlimited refills. The only way to go. The nice thing is that we have an IMAX theater in town, so I can go watch regular movies on the huge IMAX screen at 9pm each night. I've got to see a few good movies there... like National Treasure for example. That was a good movie. One of the fun and goofy things that a friend from the theater showed me, was to count the accountants for the movie. Something completely weird and random, I know, but it is entertaining. For National Treasure it took like, 13 accountants and an assistant or something like that...

But I'm getting off on a bunny trail... I have made alot of good friends, and I can't wait to see them all again someday.

I love you all.
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