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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Graduation, and what next

Well, I graduated my second year tonight. Got the ring and the plaque. Which was awesome. I also had to say "goodbye for now" to alot of really good friends. It was really hard. I cried alot today. Especially, for bein a guy. But that's me. I am really emotional when it comes to goodbyes. I was talkin to my mom, and I was telling her how much I'm glad that the year's over, but yet, how much I wish it wasn't. I saw one of my old friends today. His name is Gene Crawford and he is one of the pastors at Nixa First Assembly. I was really happy to see him. Part of the reason he came is so that he could see us graduate, the other was since Pastor Donnie Blansit (the senior pastor of Nixa AG) was unfortunately delayed due to the fact that his son was preaching that night, Gene was passing along the congrats and the "Nixa AG is proud of you and stuff" stuff. i.e. Pastor Donnie giving us fluff... anyway...

It's midnight now, and I have to be packed in the morning, so I'm going to bed now.
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