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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

You Passed 8th Grade Math
Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

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Monday, December 05, 2005

C of O

Well... I know that I haven't posted in a long time, but I have finally decided to post again. Hopefully, this will become more consistent... but then again, if you're reading this, you probably know me, and know that it is highly unlikely...

There is good news... for those who didn't already hear the news... I have been accepted to College of the Ozarks (C of O) for the spring semester. I move in, and start their freshman orientation "Character Camp" all on Jan. 2. I am really nervous because I don't even know who my roommate is, and I don't even pick my first semester classes. It's crazy.

I will post more details as I receive them.
Love you all SO much...
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Home at last

I finally got home yesterday, and started unpacking, it was CRAZY! It took a full half-ton truck to move it all... the bed and the backseat! I moved it all to my grandma's house, then sorted through it, and took home alot of it, and the rest will come later. Then this morning, I started helping with the cutting down of the cedar trees behind our house. We are cutting them all out (in our 11 acres... dear Lord, what have we gotten ourselves into?) and selling what we can, and burning the rest. I called the movie theater today about starting back to work, they said to come in tomorrow sometime after 3:30... we'll see what happens.

I feel alone here without the rest of the team. It's kinda sad... I need something to take my mind off of it all. Maybe a fun day with other friends? Who knows.

It feels like life is going to go back to being somewhat boring... who knows?

Anyway, ya'll keep reading, and I'll keep writing.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Day After, what's next?

Well, today is move out day, and it's kinda sad to say the least... you watch all your friends leave, and you wander if or when you'll ever see them again. It's hard and it hurts, bad. Y'all keep me in your prayers, I'm gonna need 'em. I head home sometime this week but I don't know when. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday. Who knows. As soon as I get home, I need to start setting up my work schedule for the summer. I work at the Branson Meadows Cinema. It's alot of fun to work there. I have a simple job, I tear tickets and clean theaters... ah, the lowly usher. But, it's okay. The perks make up for it. I get to go see any movie I want in Branson for free anytime I want, I can take a friend, and at my theater, I (and the friend) get free drink and popcorn with unlimited refills. The only way to go. The nice thing is that we have an IMAX theater in town, so I can go watch regular movies on the huge IMAX screen at 9pm each night. I've got to see a few good movies there... like National Treasure for example. That was a good movie. One of the fun and goofy things that a friend from the theater showed me, was to count the accountants for the movie. Something completely weird and random, I know, but it is entertaining. For National Treasure it took like, 13 accountants and an assistant or something like that...

But I'm getting off on a bunny trail... I have made alot of good friends, and I can't wait to see them all again someday.

I love you all.
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Graduation, and what next

Well, I graduated my second year tonight. Got the ring and the plaque. Which was awesome. I also had to say "goodbye for now" to alot of really good friends. It was really hard. I cried alot today. Especially, for bein a guy. But that's me. I am really emotional when it comes to goodbyes. I was talkin to my mom, and I was telling her how much I'm glad that the year's over, but yet, how much I wish it wasn't. I saw one of my old friends today. His name is Gene Crawford and he is one of the pastors at Nixa First Assembly. I was really happy to see him. Part of the reason he came is so that he could see us graduate, the other was since Pastor Donnie Blansit (the senior pastor of Nixa AG) was unfortunately delayed due to the fact that his son was preaching that night, Gene was passing along the congrats and the "Nixa AG is proud of you and stuff" stuff. i.e. Pastor Donnie giving us fluff... anyway...

It's midnight now, and I have to be packed in the morning, so I'm going to bed now.
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Friday, May 20, 2005

Relief and Honor

Well, talked to my mom today, and found out that my aunt is only having ONE baby... not multiples. (and the family breathes a huge sigh of relief).

One thing that Master's Commission is famous for is the fact that we know how to honor people. We have an event that we do 2 nights before graduation. And I tend to call it De-Covenant night. It is where we take our first year students, who signed a no-dating covenant, experience a ceremony where they pray to God, asking Him if He felt they kept their covenant. Then they return and leave the ring that we gave them at the beginning of the year, behind. Then we present them their rings again, but instead of them wearing it on their finger, they wear it on a chain around their neck. Then after that we go into a time where our directors each honor us individually. When they do that, they do something else that is SO totally Masters... they give us something to go with it.

Then they honor the staff... as a group, give them something different. Like this time they each got a model sailboat (like the huge kind with the 50 sails and everything) for "following our directors into 'uncharted territory' (which was MCIN's theme this year.) Then we honored our 5 staff who would be leaving after this year. And we got something EXTRA special for them. Our director's armorbearer got an hourglass made of all glass with white sand in it, and all in a big chest.
One of our guys got an autographed basketball with a net, autographed by all the girls and all the staff here (at MCSpfd). Our head of academics got a bible dictionary thing from 1854. Our head of security got a boxing glove, and finally our other director's armorbearer got a rose, and a porcelin doll. Each of the gifts was somehow behind glass or framed. And each one of the gifts had a gold or bronze (some kind of orange or brown metal) with their name, "MASTER'S COMMISSION SPRINGFIELD", and "2004-2005" on it. It was truly an emotional time for all of us.

Then we decided to take communion. The bible says: As often as you do this [take communion] do it in rememberance of me. So we "remembered the Lord" by remembering times this year when he had done awesome things in our lives, as well as interesting times and times of crazy funny stuff.

Then we took communion and the evening was over.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pregnancies and Bradsblog

I was talking to my mom today, because she sent me an email saying that she had something important to tell me. Come to find out, my aunt, who had her tubes tied after she had her twin babies 9 months ago, is PREGNANT AGAIN! The numbers look high enough that it might be multiples again. She already has a 12 year old son, and is in desparate need of a minivan! If anyone has a deal that they know of or if anyone knows anyone in need of a tax writeoff... e-mail me. My aunt needs this.

In completely unrelated news, I happened upon a blog today by the name of Bradsblog. This guy seems pretty cool. He is pro-life, which I totally support.

I graduate from my second year of Master's Commission in like 3 days. I can't believe it. I can't wait to go home, but at the same time, I don't want this awesome experience to end.

Anyone else out there, please feel free to comment!

Thanks, y'all!