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Friday, May 20, 2005

Relief and Honor

Well, talked to my mom today, and found out that my aunt is only having ONE baby... not multiples. (and the family breathes a huge sigh of relief).

One thing that Master's Commission is famous for is the fact that we know how to honor people. We have an event that we do 2 nights before graduation. And I tend to call it De-Covenant night. It is where we take our first year students, who signed a no-dating covenant, experience a ceremony where they pray to God, asking Him if He felt they kept their covenant. Then they return and leave the ring that we gave them at the beginning of the year, behind. Then we present them their rings again, but instead of them wearing it on their finger, they wear it on a chain around their neck. Then after that we go into a time where our directors each honor us individually. When they do that, they do something else that is SO totally Masters... they give us something to go with it.

Then they honor the staff... as a group, give them something different. Like this time they each got a model sailboat (like the huge kind with the 50 sails and everything) for "following our directors into 'uncharted territory' (which was MCIN's theme this year.) Then we honored our 5 staff who would be leaving after this year. And we got something EXTRA special for them. Our director's armorbearer got an hourglass made of all glass with white sand in it, and all in a big chest.
One of our guys got an autographed basketball with a net, autographed by all the girls and all the staff here (at MCSpfd). Our head of academics got a bible dictionary thing from 1854. Our head of security got a boxing glove, and finally our other director's armorbearer got a rose, and a porcelin doll. Each of the gifts was somehow behind glass or framed. And each one of the gifts had a gold or bronze (some kind of orange or brown metal) with their name, "MASTER'S COMMISSION SPRINGFIELD", and "2004-2005" on it. It was truly an emotional time for all of us.

Then we decided to take communion. The bible says: As often as you do this [take communion] do it in rememberance of me. So we "remembered the Lord" by remembering times this year when he had done awesome things in our lives, as well as interesting times and times of crazy funny stuff.

Then we took communion and the evening was over.

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